Wirnet iStation

The “Wirnet iStation” is the evolution of the Wirnet Station. It is the ideal gateway to support your smart city, smart industry, or any other smart project, combining the simplicity of installation, unique superior coverage, and operational excellence.
The Wirnet iStation grants high availability and performance levels that enable flexible and scalable deployments across many industries. 
It offers:
  • 4G Worldwide module with 3G/2G fallback and Ethernet (RJ45) for backhaul connectivity,
  • Fully integrated and internal antennas GPS, 4G, LoRa (peak gain=2,6dBi) : no external antenna installation required (external LoRa antenna 3dBi or 6dBi still possible as an option),”
  • Carrier-grade casing (IP67) for industrial use,
  • 8ch RX (125 kHz, multi Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (250KHz or 500kHz, mono Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (FSK) to get 10ch RX + 1ch TX,
  • Mounting kit allowing simple and quick installation without opening the casing,
  • Built-in high-rejection filters for co-localization with other radio devices and enabling strong interference resistance for better data transmission and permanent high availability.
  • Powered by:
    • PoE injector (15W or 30W),
    • +48VDC or DC -48VDC over RJ45 (isolated power),
  • Highly secured device relying on software and hardware architecture such as Prove & Run SecureBoot and secure storage,
  • Convenient and straightforward configuration, management, monitoring, control, and update via Kerlink Wanesy Management Center,
  • Full support of Wanesy SPN2 for Small Private Network, embedding a LoRa Network Server on the Gateway (option),

Technical features

• Sniffer for LBT (Listen Before Talk),
• Built-in with high rejection SAW filters,
• Rx Sensitivity: -141 dBm (SF12),
• TX Power: configurable from 5dBm to 27dBm,
• Range -40°C +60°C,
• Humidity: 95%,
• Size : 265 x 165 x 100 mm,
• Weight : 1,4kg (mounting kit included),
• Spectrum analysis compliant,
• Backup batteries to allow the clean shut down of applications in case of power cut,
• Casing: IP67 Alu (Back), Polycarbonate (Front), Inox (mounting kit),
• Surge protection of the RF LoRa link (option),
• CPU: ARM Cortex A9,
• DDRAM 256MB,
• 8GB eMMC (6GB available for user),

Software features

• Same Software than Wirnet iBTS and iFemtoCell: same User eXperience, quicker integration,
• Dynamic web interface (On-the fly modifications),
• Programmable Gateway: Toolchain, libraries and header files for compilation of homemade applications, or extra packages additions,
• Including:
– Operating System: KerOS with embedded GNU/Linux based on Yocto 2.4 and LTS kernel 4.14,
– Native Language Support: Python2, C/C++ and Shell,
– Included packages: SQlite (Database), Connman/Ofono, NTPd, lighttpd.

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