Smart Municipal Utility Management


The enterprise in Vietnam, doing business and serving the essential needs in daily life of more than 400,000 southwestern households in the electricity – clean water field.


A service partner to analyze, build, and integrate full smart IoT solutions:
  • Receive data from Baylan smart water meters from BMS and GMS.
  • Display updated meter number and the current month’s water usage every hour.
  • On the defined billing date – generate the household invoice and display the amount of water used and the total invoice amount.
  • Provide a self-service digital customer portal so the client can see their daily usage, estimated bill amount, and a final invoice generated ready for online payment.
  • Integrate with existing systems
  • Allow payments with an existing payment gateway provider.

Our Solutions & Services

Cloud Energy has expanded the scope of our professional team to support:
  • Supply, install and operate IoT infrastructure and end – to – end solution.
  • Help customers install and operate the system, including Gateways and their Network Server Applications, with 1 Kerlink Gateway and 4 smart water meters active).
  • Supply a self-service digital customer portal so the customers can manage their daily usage, estimated bill amount.

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