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Due to the unique geographic and location layout design, the 9 MW solar roof-top system has its difficulties with the installation of wired monitoring systems. The cost of applying such a wired solution is expensive. The executive plan is also difficult.

Our Solutions & Services

With innovative products and solutions, Cloud Energy has been working closely with clients and their customers to ensure the requirements are clear and satisfied.
We have applied a new wireless monitoring system instead of the wired system. Total equipment has been installed:
  • No. of module on inverter: 72
  • No. of module on sensors: 9
  • Coverage area: 90,000 sqm with 3 single gateway
Results: Clients could save initial costs of investment compared to the wired system. All data is live, real-time, and stable in a large area. All requirements are satisfied.

How is Cloud Energy different?

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Your Value is our priority

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Always come to you with a solutionnot a problem

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Constantly pioneering and creative

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