Building IoT Solutions for the Future

With the ceaseless efforts in research and development, Cloud Energy has accumulated advanced technologies and abundant solutions in many fields.

Go Digital

  • Consult and implement digital transformation solutions in line with the needs of businesses and organizations
  • Divide into several phases to optimize investment capital and bringing practical effects about businesses after each phase
  • Reduce the time and costs of digital transformation
  • Digitize and supply the smart observation system for industrial applications: water treatment plan, manufacturing plant.

Go Live

  • Provide applications for Management and End-users to monitor usage in real-time, receive bills, make online payments, and auto alert for potential leakage or energy waste.

Go Cloud

  • Convert data and application to cloud.

Go Automation

  • Apply IoT technologies to create solutions to automate operating processes in water and electricity management systems aiming at growing productivity, increasing accuracy, and saving labor costs.

Go Integrated

  • Integrate device hardware and management application, customer portal and online payment.

Go Mobile

  • Develop mobile applications and tablet computers to interact with customers and partners via management application, customer portal and online payment.

Transforming Industries

Experience of fine-tuning and deep knowledge of industry best practices is how we perfected our Smart Solutions.

Smart Buildings

The demands on the intelligence of buildings have increased constantly in recent years, such that the energy efficiency as well as a good “return on investment” is the priority. The idea of a “green building” based on sustainable, energy-efficient construction and building use can be realized with intelligent, integral building automation.
Cloud Energy offers a universal, scalable building automation solution for logging all data points in buildings

Smart Utility Management

Design and deploy smart water and electricity management solutions:
  • Provide smart water meters, electric meters for municipal utility management.
  • Manage pipe network, water supply stations, water meters, electricity meters on a large scale effectively. Wireless technology and real-time data will reduce errors of reading meters, alert if abnormalities happened to lower energy loss, costs, and complaint rate.
  • Be a completely wireless, transparent, and efficient solution for intelligent water management from auto readings, invoicing, and online payments

Smart Cities

Building a secure digital infrastructure for connected cities:
Capture the smart devices revenues for several cities in Vietnam, and SouthEast Asia
Building LoRa/smart infrastructure in many cities for future potential development
Capture the entire household address data in many cities, to create other applications for consumers

Smart Solar

Monitor the wireless system through sensors and devices of the solar system.

Technology you can trust

Ensure consistent growth with a robust IoT foundation


Do not have to manually install drivers for the device or even tell the computer that a new device has been added. Now just plug-and-play!


Our solutions focus on gathering the most actionable data, ensuring high value from day one.

Taylor-made platform

Highly scalable and adaptable to any need, our platform is designed to evolve alongside your business.

Preventing data breaches

And combating cyber through communication protocols that adhere to the strictest security protocols in the industry.

Make everything work together

Via a system that interconnects and visualizes data into a single dashboard interface.

Run it your way

Our solution not only digitize your operation but also seamlessly adapt to your goals

Build a Solution Perfect for You

Whether a small-scale custom project or a large-scale solution, we’re excited to boost your success!

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