Smart Office Building creates a more convenient lifestyle!

There is a constant growth in the demands for the intelligence of office buildings in recent years, thus efficient energy usage and a good “return on investment” is the top priority.
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By automating the smart and integral building, the thought of a “green building” based on stable, energy-saving building construction and usage can come true. Cloud Energy provides a universal, expandable building automation solution to record all data points in the building.


One of the corporations in the development of real estate, buildings, offices and apartments rental projects.


Stemming from the controversy about undue complaints from customers about the electricity consumed in the month, the partner of Cloud Energy – one of the major corporations in the building and real estate business used our professional services for deploying a smart electricity model with features:
  • Auto readings by hours & auto billings.
  • Management system and customer portal by connecting with “Customer ID”.

Our Solutions & Services

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Cloud Energy has supplied a professional and experienced engineering team to:
  • Provide IoT infrastructure system, end- to – end solution.
  • Successful replace the as-is electricity for the smart electricity by Vinasino electricity meter & CWE-01 Module.
  • Get clients to install operating systems, including Gateways and their Network Server Applications, with 2 Kerlink Gateway (indoor & outdoor) and 22 smart electricity meters (active). 22 electric meters have been installed for all offices on all floors of the building.
  • Train & document for on-boarding process before releasing the management system.
Clients can monitor and manage daily electricity consumption, and help minimize energy loss as well as smart solutions to their customer service problems.

Pilot with

You're in Control at Every Stage

You know what is best for your business. We know the best way to get you there.

Assessment and Ideation

You let us know about your current targets and challenges when we visit your building. Afterward, we will evaluate your infrastructure for challenges that may still appear and what kind of best solutions we can offer, and discuss our findings with you.

Solution Proposal

We create a vision, achieve a clear, quantifiable image of your business together that benefits from our Smart Building Solutions. Based on that vision, a detailed project proposal will be drafted. Proposals will not be based solely on optimism - timelines, milestones, and potential risks at every stage of execution are fully transparent and openly discussed with you.

Prototyping and Implementation

Before the project is operational, it only takes a few weeks to create a working prototype that will be implemented to serve as an initial proof of the concept, providing you with the economic variables needed to make important business decisions. Deploying the prototype means testing its functionality, whether through simulation or by installing it on-site. After the prototype passes our strict simulation and quality control, it will then be scaled down to cost-effective production and easier to install.

Testing and Rollout

Nearly completed prototypes are further tested under actual conditions for a longer time. We fine-tune every aspect of it, adjusting for optimal location and potential interference with or from surrounding devices. After making sure that our newly developed Smart Building Solution meets our standards and your needs, the end product will be launched, delivering measurable benefits right for you and your customers

How is Cloud Energy different?

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Your Value is our priority

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Always come to you with a solutionnot a problem

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Constantly pioneering and creative

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