Smart Office Buildings Know How to Build the Business Effectively

There is a constant growth in the demands for the intelligence of office buildings in recent years, thus efficient energy usage and a good “return on investment” is the top priority. By automating the smart and integral building, the thought of a “green building” based on stable, energy-saving building construction and usage can come true. Cloud Energy provides a universal, expandable building automation solution to record all data points in the building.
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One of the corporations in the development of real estate, buildings, offices and apartments rental projects in Vietnam. Their mission is to create a ‘Space for Success’. They aim to support the coworking space members as well as the Vietnam startup and business community to be more successful in their work, and better in their lives. They provide an inspiring working environment, opportunities to learn and grow, and a variety of exciting and exclusive benefits that make for a great choice for companies and individuals on their path towards success.

Unexpected Problems Our Client Encountered

Stemming from the controversy about undue complaints from customers about the electricity consumed in the month including mismatched electricity indicator, delayed customer service as well as high labor costs, the partner of Cloud Energy – one of the major corporations in the building and real estate business used our professional services for deploying a smart electricity model with features:
  • Auto readings by hours & auto billings.
  • Management system and customer portal by connecting with “Customer ID”.

Our Solutions & Services

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Cloud Energy has brought a professional and experienced engineering team to support with the right smart buildings solutions. We want to collaborate to support our customers as they face unprecedented challenges:
  • Provide IoT infrastructure system, end- to – end solution.
  • The entire building is covered with LoRa technology infrastructure which allows for any smart devices to be connected and create the smart building applications.
  • Total 22 smart electricity meters were successfully connected within 1 week, live and active. The Building Management team can monitor the entire building energy effectively and efficiently.
  • Train & document for on-boarding process before releasing the management system.
Provide a self-service digital customer portal so the client can see their daily usage, estimated bill amount, and final invoice generated ready for online payment.

Why are smart buildings becoming increasingly important?

As urbanization grows, people spend up to 90% of their lives in buildings and we believe that everything they do in life deserves the perfect place to do it. In a world where expectations for quality of life, safety, and basic well-being are increasing, why don’t we upgrade to where we live and work every day? Ideally, a perfect place to live. A perfect place to grow. A perfect place to prosper.
While it’s true that today’s buildings should be efficient, reliable, and safe – these characteristics alone don’t enable businesses and empower people the way a truly smart building can. Furthermore, electric energy is an exclusive source of energy, with manual power recording, people will receive a monthly electricity bill and pay that bill without self-management. Smart office building with smart energy management will completely solve these problems:
  • Efficient Electricity Consumption Monitoring Warning of abnormalities/leaks/losses for both businesses and customers to minimize energy loss.
  • Better Customer Service.
  • An on-premises management system through efficient hardware and software integration with LoRaWAN technology helps to minimize labor costs.
  • Automatically real-time index recording, index closing, and invoicing; online payment.
  • Optimize revenue and operating costs for businesses;
  • Innovating and upgrading smart devices to replace old inaccurate mechanical meters, as a smart long-term investment in accurate electric number management, increasing revenue for Building Management.

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