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One of the most reputable real estate developers in Vietnam, known for its high quality projects.


A partner in real estate to provide professional services for selling apartment services to clients:
  • A sub-metering for water and electricity
  • Water meter data and usage for building and revenue managers
  • Water meter usage and estimated invoice amount on the customer portal

Our Solutions & Services

Cloud Energy has provided a dedicated and skilled support team to:
  • Successful replace the as-is electricity for the smart electricity by Vinasino electricity meter & CWE-01 Module.
  • Provide the IoT infrastructure, help to set it up and manage on-premises including Gateways and their Network Server Applications, with 2 Kerlink Gateway (indoor & outdoor) and 10 smart water meters, and 3 smart electricity meters (active).
By maintaining the high availability of the IoT platform, our solution allows clients to grow their business and capabilities with optimized operation cost, transparency, and reduce the cost of conflict resolving.

Bring Smart & Safe life to each Apartment

The building’s management hasn’t been ever convenience that much!


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Transparency and real-time data

The information is recorded accurately, timely every day, every hour.

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Warn as soon as abnormal detected

Reduce the drain or leakage of energy as well as improve the warranty and maintenance of the equipments quickly and promptly

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End-customer orientation

By allowing the owners and renters to remotely monitor and manage the energies on the same application, your customers can now pro-active monitor the usage of various types of energy in their apartment.


Plug-and-Play smart devices

Just install & immediately run them your way!

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All-in-one application

Convenient to use and monitor the types of energy inside the building by only one application


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Cost savings and profit optimization

By timely management of energy types, reducing losses as well as optimizing the work-load of your operation team, the cost would be maximum saved so your profit would be maximum optimization.

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Optimize the operation and management

Your workers do not need to spend time record the indexes and reports via excel and email, but just focus on the management of each department.

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Minimize arguments and complaints from your customers

Due to there is a customer service application, from recording daily indices, monthly invoices to paying online as well as increasing interaction between businesses and customers

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Energy saving, environmental protection

Lay on the automatic recognition feature and abnormal alerts, our solution will help businesses promptly handle incidents that cause energy waste, help save the energy and protect the environment

How is Cloud Energy different?

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Your Value is our priority

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Always come to you with a solutionnot a problem

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Constantly pioneering and creative

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