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The Internet of Things is the next wave in the evolution of wireless technology and the rate at which objects are being connected is moving at an incredible speed. Innovation + rapid deployment means you need to be working with the right people with the right experience to properly harness the power and promise of the Internet of Things.

Tuan Anh Pham

CEO - Founder

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Quan Pham

COO / CTO - Founder

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Tony Doan

Lead Engineer

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Kim Pham

Client Solutions Lead

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Dang Nguyen

Software Engineer

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Thanh Vo

Software Engineer

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Nghia Nguyen

Deployment Specialist

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Thao Le

UI/UX Designer

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Quynh Tran

Marketing Specialist

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Hiep Nguyen

Sales Lead

What we stand for



Every client has unique needs, making creativity and innovation an integral part of our business model.



While our technology might seem complex, its fundamental purpose is to drastically reduce complication for our clients



Rising to any challenge, our team is driven by results and aims to exceed client expectations



First-hand experience is our greatest asset that ensures our Smart Solutions bring tangible value to our clients.


We are hiring

Back-end developer(JS/TS)

Using cutting edge technologies to design and develop high performance API for large-scale platform IoT network.

Front-end developer(ReactJS)

Conceptualise, design, and implement high-availability, high-performance frontend web app, using ReactJS technology

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